MultiLEAP is happy to collaborate and engage with junior and senior international colleagues by offering opportunities for a short stay with us.

We expect the visitors to be interested in advancing the area of multiliteracies with us and in participating in MultiLEAP activities.

Costs covered

MultiLEAP will cover costs for work-related expenses (workplace, computer, and copying facilities).Travelling expenses, accommodation and salary are not paid for; these must be arranged by the visitor him/herself.

Criteria for short-term visits

We expect that MultiLEAP visitors will

• have research interests that align with our key areas and competences.
• be involved in high quality work, as indicated by his/her earlier scientific record
• be prepared to give a seminar and/or a talk for members of the MultiLEAP research community.

Existing or intended research cooperation with a MultiLEAP staff increases the likelihood of an accepted visit. However, this cooperation is not a prerequisite.

Admission Process

The candidate can either be invited by a MultiLEAP staff member or submit a proposal of his/her own to a MultiLEAP staff member. This MultiLEAP staff member will act as a host in preparing the visit and during the visitor’s stay.

The host will send an application form to the steering group of MultiLEAP. The application form should include the candidate’s letter of intent and CV including the candidate’s publications list. The letter of intent should describe which activities the visitor plans to undertake during the visit, the duration of the visit, and a statement explaining how MultiLEAP could benefit from the visit.

Interested? Please contact us at