A multidisciplinary profiling area at the University of Jyväskylä, focusing on expertise building across the life span in different domains of life and on participation in mediatized and digitalized society.

MultiLEAP is a researcher community examining the uses, practices and modes of multiliteracies, emerging at the interfaces of the contexts of education, free time and working life with particular emphasis on access, participation, equity, agency, and well-being.

MultiLEAP examines
21st century skills
across the life span.

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What do I get from MultiLEAP as a researcher?

Education is in key position to provide pupils and students with a large repertoire of multimodal and multilingual resources to cope in societal activities now and in the future.

Anne Pitkänen-Huhta, Department of Language and Communication Studies

Multiliteracies approach in education means helping learners recognize and skilfully use the multiplicity of modes of meaning making as resources in knowledge building and display.

Tarja Nikula-Jäntti, Centre for Applied Language Studies

Becoming literate in this century is about navigating in multimodal text environments and thinking critically and ethically. Therefore, learning multiliteracy is e.g., examining problems, collaborating to solve them creatively, gathering information from multiple sources, and working productively with linguistic and cultural diversity.

Mirja Tarnanen, Department of Teacher Education

A multiliterate person has knowledge and skills for “reading” texts, technologies, contexts, situations, and others. She has the competence to interpret and adapt her behavior according to her and situational goals, in an ethical way.

Tomi Laapotti, Department of Language and Communication Studies
Minna Suni

Monilukutaitoisena pystyy saamaan tolkkua tästä vauhdilla muuttuvasta maailmasta.

Minna Suni, Department of Language and Communication Studies


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